Wednesday, November 2, 2005


ano na nga ba ang nangyayari sa akin?

last week my tito died of liver cancer, and nung sunday ang burial niya...i found out how my tito, barangay councilor of pulong sta.cruz had touched so many lives in that barangay, ang daming umiiyak at nanghihinayang, something i know is not ordinary esp when it comes to public service. i know my tito served well and he'd been one of the best public official i to my other tito's & tita's, i found him sincere of his job of helping other people face their problems, i may not be that close to him but i know that somehow he felt my share of concern during the time where he is struggling from his disease. i myself felt the sincerity in his heart up to his last day on earth. for this, i salute my tito,

Gonzalo B. Sulit Sr.

for being a good man, husband, father not just to his children but to his nephews and nieces & to other kabataan in the barangay, i know that no one on earth can replace the good deeds you had shared to other pipol. i am proud of you. proud of being a sulit. may you find the peace in His loving care. see you later...

after that balik ulit tayo sa kikay matters,

what i like the best about the past weeks....

1. i am already enrolled for the may 2006 cpa board review at cpar, and i am somehow relax at this moment for it.

2. last week was super enjoyable, i'd been with popoy the whole night long (sunday night) ...with the permission of my dad, he slept over our house, of course, di kami magkatabi, but the fact that dad is trusting my popoy, is a wonderful feeling.

3. popoy and i talked about so many things, from the silliest matters to super 2x serious matters, but i enjoyed every piece of what we had aggreed about.

4. i am happy ate, because my kafatids who are not taking the lead of their carreer path, Jill, who is on my left side at the profile photo is now starting her training for an ojt sponsored by her school at japan, she is now learning nihonggo, and i myself too am learning some words, Joy, on my right side will be starting her review for the OT board exam on january 2006. and being the proud ate, i am asking for your prayers for the success of my little sisters.

5. i am now starting to plan my transfer to another boarding house near my review school, for safety & convenient purposes. hope i will be able to polish things before the start of the classes.

6. nanay gave me a necklace with a heart pendant, i was so overwhelmed with things going on with her, and i plan to give her a little suprise for this christmas, including my dad of course (he is a jealous father) hahaha...i am thankful for those who continously praying for my mom's recovery.

7. speaking of daddy, i am happy that he is not that strict anymore. just what i told you in my number #2.

8. i am thankful that i have now a happy heart. the feeling that everything is on the right track, i know, i doesn't happen ordinarily but i am croosing my finger, for me to be strong if in case another challenge/ problem will be on my way..and i know its on the way..hahaha..

9. i am thankful for these pips, gretch, nicole, fe, rach, earl & monina. thanks for the friendship. i know my stay in accenture (company) is really worthwhile.

that is all for now...bye! =)

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