Monday, September 30, 2013

Dream Last Night 29.Sept.2013

Setting:  A place in Singapore kampong area. 

I am taking care of Yana and Gab. I have to go to the office at around 2pm. 
Nanay helped me to have Yana take a bath. A small improvised pool was there. Gab dip into the small pool and took a bath by himself.

 We are in the bus going around. The two boys who we know and was our friend (but I do not know in real life) said we need to go around the roads so we won't be penalised for long parking.

When we got back to the house. Yana already dressed. Nanay was eating. I told My director David that I need to go to the office for the stuff that I need to prepare. David agreed. I asked Nanay where she is going. She told me, she is going to Intro. I asked her what did Intro said as if there were stuffs already been discussed in the past. This is the first time I heard her speak in my dream. :) Nanay said Intro said there was still no job for her.  I told her of my planned business and then proceed to go to the office with my gab.

Thank You Nanay. I know you are always there watching over us always. You are so alive, happy and with your trademark smile. ❤️💃😄

This keeps me looking forward to this new beginning. :)

God bless this day and the days to come.🌇

Aja Bakekang 👸!!!