Monday, March 26, 2007

~ ROHM PE Department Outing ~

yup..after finishing some report to audit, fetched by my only one together with little johnny. We travelled back to Laguna for Gary's PE Department Outing!!!

Yahoo! As this is my first time to be with his officemates..I was kinda hesitant because I need to know each and everyone. But since lahat naman ng mga kasamahan niya is boys..there is no pretentions, nagbabalahuraan na kasi sila agad.

Hehe, at syempre ako naman sumasakay lang sa mga jokes nila..galing! Basta I really enjoyed the overnight stay..saan ka pa yung room namin ng kaisa isang gurl sa department which is Charrie, has jacuzzi in it! Galing..super relaxed ako dun..something that I need often during this time.

Si Bunso din ay enjoy sa kanyang new found friend na si FerFer, at take note magkatabi na agad silang matulog at nag-inuman ng light coke sa kwarto..hahaha..katuwa talaga..nagpa alarm pa ang mga mokong dahil magswimming daw sila ng 5am. Syempre di ko sila allow..gabi pa kaya un..nagslip ulit and finally at past 6 am..rumatsada na sa bagong fill na pool! Ang saya talaga..

Tas, nakapag moments pa kami ni popoy to talk about our lives..our future and almost everything. We really shared the common dreams, something that I truly believe that we are meant for each other.
It is not everyday of the year ang summer, and it is the most eventful season for every Filipino (i guess?!?) hehehe..kasi nandiyan ang fiestas, holy week and lots and lots of outings like the one we had in City of Springs, Los BaƱos!

Pics to follow.. =P

Happiness is again felt. =)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


During the past days, I have been very busy..with the stress on "very". Hahaha..I did not imagin myself going through that level that almost every week I shall take some time of my sleep just to make some money! Hahaha.

Actually, I am feeling so restless during these week. I have some deadlines and that what everybody felt very stressful about. I sometimes would like to shift some other line. To find something that matches my desire, not just to earn some degrees or be identified in the company but more on the desired fulfillment and happiness. It is not a question that I do not love accounting. But it definitely irritates me that I cannot do anything more that working almost 7 days a week and more that 12 hours a day. Although I suppose that more people experience this kind of stress and even worse. I still want something that fulfills my desire to increase knowledge and experience not just in the corporate world but as well in the world around me.

I just have some thoughts about politics, media, our poor people, the wonderful destinations in the philippines, the longing for travel around the world. The break I want to enter into tv hosting..wahahaha..dream on! I really want to be a news anchor or something in similar. I also want to have my band, wherein I will be the back-up vocals, for I really want to be one..hahaha..afraid of the limelight.

There were definitely things that we want to do..the only problem is how can we squeeze this in our very very tight schedule.

Just sentiments at work..happy reading!!!


Popoy has already bought his new ASUS Dualcore Laptop last sunday!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Road Trip, Getting away and Having Fun!!!

Last Sunday was scheduled to be our Sulit Kulitan Family Day. Yours truly asked Daddy to take some fresh air in Caliraya Lake located on the top of the mountain in the southern part of Laguna specifically Cavinti. My Cute little brother John was so excited about the trip that he was not able to sleep well the night before. Haha..kulit talaga!!
Eto kami ngaun after more than a year without our dearest might have been more exciting having you around nay..=(

Pero siyempre I know that Nanay would be happy to see us like this, we never had this kind of trip after we lost her..and right after this trip, nayayaya naman si Itay papuntang North. Sabi Hundred Islands..waaaaah! malaking ipunan iyon! hehe..pero excited naman kami!

Muntik pa ngang di kami matuloy sa Taytay Falls dahil medyo mainit na ang makina at ang ulo ni bossing (a.k.a. daddy) hehehe..but the good thing..diretso pa din, balewala kahit nakasimangot pa siya. Sayang ang moments. It is truly rewarding to have this kind of time for each other. Si kuya nga di na umattend ng laro sa company nila dahil lang dito.

Stopped along the road just to have some nice pics for these rare trips we had(left pic). Gary and Me back to our dearest jeepney after the picturan (right pic)

Talo pa namin ang mga angels ni charlie sa laki ng mga braso namin..wahahaha..

Looking at this pic, I just cannot wait for the final moment that we shall officially declare Gary as legal part of the family. Bonding moments ni popoy at dady. =)

Ang Lamig po ng tubig..but I managed to dip my shivering body to the freezing water. =) Nakapunta din ako sa likod ng falls, was able to feel the angry water falling down. Syempre assisted by my honey popoy. =)
~~happiness this is what my heart says~~
Kainan ng Chicha sa batuhan... ~~>

~ Shifting Emotions ~

It is this time that I felt like I am again nowhere to go. Something is missing. Which I cannot find the answer. I still cannot give anything worthy of thinking on where or how shall I start another day. Inspiration is what I am seeking. But as constantly I look for it, tried to feel it, it does not shows up.

Maybe for some other time..I need to wait..til I wait no more..

I am battling once again with this kind of emotion. I felt like I need to go somewhere. I need to leave or move on. Is it that I need to go back through? Or have I leave something behind? Hay..I felt like I have no one would be available to share the burden. No talks or just chats to lessen some heavy weights I have right now.

Maybe I need to plan to go abraod right now. The one I set aside for a while because I thought that I will stay with my company for a longer time. Now, my veins would react negatively once I set my feet here in the comp vicinity. I believe I need to build another big plans again. Write my dreams and continously update my status. Hope I would not miss any important details for this. =)

Dyaran! I am somehow relieved from this everyday stress and anxiety. Good thing, writing eases some of the tensions brought by the work environ here. =)

And also, it is HIM that reminds me to slow down, think/reflect and move on!

And so the Solar Conquest shall begin!!! (hahaha..a Princess Hours fanatic!!!)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thoughts about Working

Here I am again, actually I have a lot of things to share the day I started working. I really felt that this is a blessing and it is God's plan that I am working for my current company.

But, the very first week I worked here, I had lots of doubts. A big bunch of doubts. I have questioned the fairness on working. As I always am telling to my self and had put this as one of my principles in life, I really want as much as possible to have an unbiased working environment wherein I can initiate my action without any hesitations.

Now, this is what fills my mind everyday before I go to work. Am I being that competitive to my teammates? It is though a fact that I felt it that I am. I am scared about it because I am not the type of person. Working for me is a vocation. Somehow, because I choose my profession, not because in due time I will be earning a lot specially that I have the advantage of having the license, but because I am enjoying it. I have also prayed that if ever I am accepted in a company, I wish to have spread something worthy. This is what bothers me. As much as I want to have the same atmosphere like the team I have before, I am a failure with this. It is what I said to my Star Team when I left them. It is easy to have work, choose the company who offers the greatest benefit. But what is important to me is that you work well and enjoy every single moment of it. Now, I admit I do not have the luxury of choosing the best people to work with. It is because when I left my team, I continously crave for the same bonding which eventually is not within my team right now.

Yes, I am not happy with what is going on. I really changed my perspective with that. It is a reality that I will never be able to have the same kind of team bonding before but I can start molding them slowly. One bite at a time. The fact is, they are not willing and I really feel stupid. I don't have any personal issues with them. It is only that I find them competitive, like what an employee from other country has said. Make some bond. Beyond the scope of work and the stress and hassles it brings. Hay..I know that it must start with the head..and I am not in the position. We differ and it matters. Maybe in time, haha..I will have the power (hehe) and motivation. And that is what I promise. Fair environment. Good Competition. An area for growth and development. Right exposure. The best camaraderie that I had with the people I had been through.

Will that be impossible. Huh? Nothing is impossible to those who are willing. I just wish and pray that I could start now, if not, I will be the one who will be the first to give up the rope. =(