Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quarter-Life Crisis

One and half month ago, I was so full of dreams. I am so inspired. Why? Because, I believed that one of my long cherished goal will come into reality by this year. But as time pass by. I felt a little down. Once again, I had this feeling that it will not come true. Although, I am not giving up.I really felt that once again, I failed. It is a premature feeling though, since I am not yet advised that there is a possibility that this "dream" would not pushed through. I still have high hopes that it will happen sooner or later.
For now, I am considering plan B, I am starting it right now. They say that it is quarter-life crisis.But I believe that I know what I want. I know how to make it. Plan and pursue for it. It just needs to have some positive chi's..hehe..See, I also have a bit of confidence! Enough for the battle right?

It just felt a bit ironic since I passed all the tests, scored a bit higher than usual and still the vision of it is a bit blurry.

Come in Holy Spirit, bless me please and bring back the optimism that Nina always have.
Till my next post. =)


Mec said...

uhm... if one dream doesn't come true... maybe it's to make way for another dream, another purpose...

of course, it would feel like hell... but always know that a CRISIS is not exactly a bad thing... it's a time for great opportunities :)

SASSY MOM said...

Don't despair! God has plans for us... just maybe not the ones that you have in mind, but He will give you what you need.

It's easier said than done, I know! I have been a slave of too much frustration of life. But hey, look... I'm still here, alive and happy!

I believe that you have a good heart and God will always hear your prayers!

happy weekend!

~ istar bakekang ~ said...


~ istar bakekang ~ said...

Thanks for the encouragements..and now I am back to my usual self!

Great! The news I am dying to hear has arrived!

Whew! God is good all the time! =)