Friday, May 25, 2007

Dahil wala si Bosing...

hehehe..un na nga un eh..wla si bosing ko kaya ako ay malayang makakapagwento at magsurf sa net ng aming mayamang kompanya..nyahahaha..tambak na trabaho? sa lunes na..hahaha..

kaya ayan, ngaun mid year na..dito ako napadpad ng aking malikot na mouse..hehehe..
ang aking vibes for the year..

Oo, isa ako sa mga taong ipinanganak na bestfriend..hehehe..ano ba ako talaga..aso o tuta? wehehe..tingnan natin ang nagdaang kalahating taon kung may nangyari sa sinasabi comments in pink and BOLD!!! Hahaha..

Dog Overview

Time to kick back and enjoy life with the Pig. This has the potential to be a very favorable year in many areas. The Dog is generally though of as the protector, but this year the tables are turned. It is the Pig that is watching over you and sending luck your way.
- aba at talagang enjoy ko muna ito..eto nga at nagpost ako during office hours..hehehe..kapatid ko ang joy, nasa singapore, pano kaya niya ako watch over..hehehe..naku...lagot si ate..ako un!

Dog Rating

64% (10 favorable and 2 unfavorable months)
- hehehe..2 months is february and april..kaya tapos na ang unfavorable months ko..favorable months..come right in please..hehehe..

Dog Career

This is a good time to change careers if that is what you have been thinking of doing. Lucky stars smile upon those who begin a new business venture. It is generally a favorable time for all.
- changing careers ba kamo? naku, pano na yan..change job ba? pede na? o change country..haha..bahala na si Lord.. =)

Dog Relationships

The Pig is the complementary sign to the Dog. There will be a number of opportunities to make new friends and associates who can help you in your career and also make your personal life more fulfilling
. - yan naman ang sinasabi ko, dami ko magiging fwends..hehehe..cyber fwends dami na! galing! addict blogger na kasi ako eh..wait till i get to pay the bills sa naiwang jutangers ni brother..hahaha!!!

Dog Health

As with last year, you should enjoy reasonably good health -- as long as you take the normal precautions. It's a Fire year, though, so accidents could pose a problem.
- revicon and iniinom ko kasi mura tsaka un din ang advise ni popoy..u know..compatible! hahaha..

Dog Wealth

A windfall could very well be yours.
It may not be a jackpot, but
unexpected money is coming your way. - sa lahat ng vibes for this year, ito ang pinaka gusto ko..intayin na lang natin siya.. I still have 6 months left to wait.. =P Wag kayo mag-alala, mag share ako!!! Hehehe...

Kayo? Kamusta naman ang nagdaan half year ninyo?
Share naman dyan?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Higher Level of Education

I am planning to take MBA...this year..could someone advise me? Trying my luck in ------, but somehow i'm feeling nervous baka kasi di ko carry..hehehe..wala naman mawawala di ba? For Experience na din..anyway, I have proven myself worthy naman kahit papaano..ano ba yan..Low Level ang confidence ko ngayon ah!

Completely losing track of everything but somehow manage to hold on...hehehe..gulo!

I really want a higher level of education..CPA-LAWYER? Haha..pede din..nothing is impossible to those who are willing..sana lang may mabait na magsponsor sa akin..di ako gaanong katalinuhan..pero maganda ako! hahaha..basta..

Let His will be done.. I raise everything to YOU!!

Uy..ung advise mo ha..kailangan ko please... =)

It is me!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Together we STAND, Divided we FALL...

There are people's actions that easily annoys me and heats my head up to that certain degree that I really want to shout and get into action myself. Good thing that I was able to control a bit of my temper and did not create any scene. I believe that everyone will agree that unity starts with each team member. It's really frustrating to know that a member of our team in my company, claimed that he did not tell an important fact to me when he has the responsibility to do so. Just because before, he was not also informed of the previous changes. Duh?!? Is that professionalism or self-centeredness. I cannot see any justifiable reason in that! What comes into my mind is the Golden Rule. fits the situation right?

I have observed this employee before but try to ignore the manner that he does his job and the relationship he creates with each team member. Even though, he comes from a pretigious school, which I myself do not agree with that, and he makes us feel that it gives him more luxury to joke into other "not famous" school. He continously compete with everyone. As everyone do not agree to this kind of environment and they are always complaining that this certain person really do not give any effort to help other team member. Oh, he does but obviously together with another favor. I pity him cause he do not create team unity and inclusiveness, because in the end he will suffer with regards to his actions. I really miss my former team. They have taught me that working is not just being paid and getting promoted. It is enjoying the job you choose and having a harmonious environment with the people around you. Many highly paid managers do not have this kind of enthusiam with work because they fail to consider what matters most. One of the (very)precious and non-monetary benefits I had given up when I choose to chase my dream and eventually leave the people(and job) I enjoyed being(having) the most. Hay..

This hates me. It do frustrates me. Why? Because I continously struggle within the company from Day One and still hearing the non-stop negative feedbacks from other employees regarding this person. I am holding on and still dreaming that I myself can give a little share to ease the burden that we experience, day in and day out of this humble office.

This suppose should not happen but it does. Someone has to put a stop to this. My decision? I shall make the necessary corrective action for this. Haha! Wait till Nina makes the move.. =P

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

On Changing Career or Transferring Jobs

As I continously struggle to find the right career path, last Saturday I found 2 articles that somehow have given me additional insights on what shall I do. We all dream of going abroad because we believe that it is the only way that could help us be able to support our family well. All the Filipino people find a way or two to be able to get out of the country. Though I am still on the process of reflection (tama ba itu?), Let me share to you this speech by Summa Cum Laude of UP this April 2007.

I have told my Dad about it. He hasa negative reaction. He says, that may be applicable to those people who never had big problems financially. As we all dream of having a stable job and career, competitive salaries are so few in here. So we tend to go abroad and find a Job even if it is not related to what we have studied in college. Hay..Different point of views, but both are right. Makes it more complicated for me to choose.

Another article was from Betty Liu, a CNBC newscaster, in here she points some important facts before changing career and/or transferring jobs. As it is vague that we rarely land on our desired job, we still need to plan ahead to be able to find the right work for us. Hope we made the right choice. Hope it is not yet late. Hehe..=)

May 2007 Election - Mag isip!!!

Have you seen the Mlhullier Pawnshop Commercial regarding the May 2007 Election?

I believe you need to see it and all those ads that continously remind us to choose the right person. The commercial want us to be aware that our very single vote should be personal and we need to take good care of it. I affirm to that and we need to take that right of suffrage properly. May we all vote the politicians who are really qualified for the position, not just because we have the obligation to vote for them because they are our relatives or friends but because as we have evaluated they can serve our nation properly and put an end to the corruption and country's different problems.

Let us speak our mind and heart by Voting Wisely! =)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tagged by Eli =)

This is my first Tag for the year...from a fellow blogger Eli =)

The Rule..

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! Let’s begin….

(1) Hmmm..well, I do believe the hardest part of everything is to start..hehe..I have difficulty of starting something. But when I got the chance and opportunity, nothing can stop me (oooopS! si Lord pala pede..hehe)

(2) I always wake up at 5am (most of the time lang pala) pero di ako bumabangon lagi..hehehe..ganon naman talaga..kaya lang kapag nagtagal na ako sa bed, sumasakit na ulot at likod ko. Sign of old age na ba itu!

(3) I like to plan, list down all the necessary details and everything! Lahat, my future businesses, my dream home, my travel list, my surprise parties for special some1s, kahit ung gagawin ko sa maghapon..even if they are impossible ( work!) ..Basta I enjoy doing this planning stuff (Haha..kaya ung wedding ko kahit wala pang sinasabi si popoy, planado na! joke! baka di 2010 pa daw..hahaha..asa!)

(4) Before I sleep, I see to it na nakapagwentuhan ako kay daduts, ang aking makulit at matampuhing tatay..kasi ramdam ko pa din ang pangungulila niya kay nanay.. =(

(5) I enjoy joining volunteer programs, buti na lang at may GE Volunteer Corps dito sa company, also, I am an alumnus of the oldest religious organization in Letran-Calamba, Koinonia de Letran.

(6) I always thought of shifting career (hahaha..after taking the hardest board exam to date) gusto ko maging newscaster..o kaya isang host, o kaya naman isang politician. Something that I could voice out my ideas and in the same time makatulong din sa ating bansa. Wahaha..talagang Patriotic ako eh..Proud to be Pinay!

(7) Lastly, I always find time to have some quality time with my loved ones and self. Especially for Popoy, since we're together only once a week, as much as possible if we have some events to attend to during holidays and weekends, we see to it na either kasama ako o siya dun!! Kapag hindi, ipagpipilitan ko! Tsaka every lunch breaks, surfing time yan dito sa opis (to keep me updated with world)! Hahaha..Anyways...What Nina wants..Nina Gets!

O finished with this let us see what Mulan, Kat, Kuyakoy (kahit busy ka!), Lestie, Donna, Olive and Gary (haha! igagawa ko pa siya ng site) can share..

Monday, May 7, 2007

ROHM PE Department EK Day

Daming events last Labor Day ha..these pics were the proofs. We visited EK together with Rohm PE Department (again!). Hehehe..last gimik was the overnight in Los BAƱos. As usual, saling pusa ulit kami ni john bunso.

Sobrang kulit ang mga officemates ni gary. Medyo kulang kasi ako sa time kaya post na lang ako ng pics. Hehehe.. =)

Taking our second lunch for the day..hehehe..kasi kumain na kami ni daduts sa waltermart..ayaw lang kasi sumama..aun! nagsolo ulit sa bahay..hay..tatay talaga o!

"Tatlo magkasalo..waaaaah! selos naman ako..hehehe..=)"

Un lang po muna..ang hirap kasing mag-upload ng pics..

Hi Eli, saka na po muna ung entry ko for your tag ha..hehe..=)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Extra Income?

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