Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

I woke up today not feeling good. But because, today is Thursday and tomorrow is friday, I have to shrug off this negative feeling. Popoy will be away for the next three day and I will be a single mom. Haha.

Then, suddenly, this gray feeling turned into happiness. I now look forward with Gab over the weekend. Planning for a short morning walk nearby. Remake of our home made playdoh. Woot.

Thank God for the times I am away from Popoy. I will miss him but will definitely enjoy the time alone with my little man.

Happy Thursday Bakekang.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tough Love

Dearest Singapore,

February 2009, it was more than three years and I am happy to look back. Unaware of what we have ahead, I still insist to go and try to see you personally. Bringing with me, an empty pocket, a bag full of dreams and a positive heart to keep them come true. When we first met, I am definite that it is love at first sight. :)

I must admit that we have a love-hate relationship in the beginning. I love to be here with you and you hate me being here. Sad as it may seem, I need to accept it. I know your reason and I fully understand. Yet, I believe I must fight for this new found love in you.

Our more than three years relationship (and still going. yey!) is not as smooth as most relationship is. I insist to be here with you so you can know what my love can do for you, yet you asked me to go. During 2010, I have to let go for a moment. I felt torn and tired to keep pushing for this love. But I still believe I have to fight for it. Back in my heart and mind, I know that the best is yet to come.

2011 came and the longing to see you again grows continously each passing day. The love I have for you has grown big that I cannot contain any longer. I must come back and offer it to you once again. When we met for the second time, it was tough for me to convince you to open your door and start this wonderful life together.

It is not once, not twice, not even thrice that I got rejected by you. But my love is too strong. After the nth rejection, you came to a decision to give me this chance to prove myself. This is the start of our wonderful journey together and that I have to thank you.

Thank you Singapore.

Thank you for letting us keep our family together here with you. Thank you for adopting us (may it be temporarily or permanently, we are happy)

Thank you for the wonderful memories that we have during our courting stage. :)

Thank you for not accepting us for the first, second, third and fourth time, it kept us to prove that our love for you is genuine.

Thank you for the wonderful parks, roads, clean air and safe environment, nice amenities, the great people who offered a harmonic culture that you have willingly shared to us.

Thank you for the experience. We do not know what lies ahead nor our future together. What I am certain is, that as long as we have this kind of relationship. I promise to take good care of you and be a responsible part of your society.

Maligayang Kaarawan Singapura! (Happy Birthday Singapore)
We do love you.
Nina, Gary and Gabriel

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simpleng Proyekto

Matagal ko na din gusto gawin itong bagay na ito pero wala akong sapat na kaperahan at oras para magawa.

Ngayon na nakapanig sa akin ang pagkakataon. Why not? Chocnut!!!

Aja! Oplan Bakakeng. Hehe. Kailangan manatiling lihim ang lahat. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012


Dumadating sa buhay natin paminsan minsan ang kawalan. Kung saan di mo maintindihan ang sanhi ng iyong kalungkutan. Muli ko syang nararamdaman sa panahon na ito. Naisip kong dahil may puwang. Dalawang linggo na kaming di nakapagsimba. Hay. kailangan namin ng reconnection kay Lord. Sorry Lord, this weekend, for sure, it is a date.

Magandang Lunes sa inyong lahat.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Umagang Kay Ganda

Biyernes na naman. Yey!

Ang pinakaiintay kong araw. Hehe. Obvious ba? Dahil kinabukasan, maglalaba ako, magluluto ng tanghalian, maglilinis ng kwarto at mag update ng buhay buhay sa likod ng tabing na ito. Nakakatuwang balikan na minsan kong pinangarap ang ganitong buhay. Nagpapasalamat dahil nagkaroon din ng katuparan.

Ang nakalipas na limang taon ng buhay ko ang isa sa pinaka-vonggang pangyayari. Ang dami na nagbago at natutunan. Kung lilingon ako sa nakaraan, nakitang kong masalimuot ang pinagdaanan namin. Pero nagpapasalamat ako dahil sa paglalakad ko sa daan na ito..meron akong kahawak kamay. Nagpapakeso lang.

Bawat hakbang, bawat yapak, basa man o tuyo, may tae man o wala..ahaha..masayang balikan at alalahanin.

Sa umagang ito, ang bawat hininga ng buhay ko ay muli kong iniaalay sa Iyo. Alam kong nagiging pilya ako, salamat sa paminsan minsang pagbatok at nagigising ako sa tunay na layunin ko sa mundo.

Hay. Napakagandang umaga sa inyong lahat. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My One Hour Journey with Him

In this very busy country, wherein the people are also super busy with their own lives, I love taking the bus.

It does remind me of how blessed I am to be in this situation by seeing different kind of individuals. Different Age. Different Colors. Different Sizes. Hehe. I am often stressed. Sometimes it is self inflicted and most of the time it is boss inflicted. Oops! The more or less one hour journey to/from home has given me so much time to reflect on how God had beautifully crafted our lives. It gives me that big push to move on, leave behind yesterday's problem and and look forward to today's happy moments.

I felt blessed to see everyday a part of what the world has to offer. It also helps me to visualize that this kind of living is possible to my home country. I know my stay in this world is temporary and this time I have with Him makes me realize that I need to do something. I need to become an important part of the society. Help the needy and be simply happy.

We only live once. We may have to take either bus or train or our own car (mine hopefully soon!) In this journey, make use of that special time to communicate with Him and your inner self. I guarantee you it will surely be a very worthy ride of your life. :)

Happy Huwebes Everyone.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 4: Sundays I love

My main reason why I love Sundays is because we have a family date with God.

This is where we thank him for all the blessing we had during the week and to ask guidance for all the challenges we may face in the coming week.

I am just as glad that Gab is slowly getting the concept of worshiping God. What I wished for him before he came to earth is for him to fufill whatever God whats him to be.

Thank you Lord for everything specially for letting me experience this kind of life. :)

Day 3: The Simple Things

I felt accomplished this day. This is my housewife day. I did the laundry, cooked lunch and in the afternoon, i had my table tennis training with Popoy. Somehow, in my past life, this is what I had asked for.

A Simple Life.

It was not simple to achieve though. we had gone through so many challenges to reach this. The main lesson for me is whatever you want for you and your loved ones. Never ever stop to get it. Because if you do, there is 100% certainty that you will not have it.

Just Dream, Believe and Survive. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 2: Delayed

I posted that word on my facebook and most of my mommy friends reacted. hehe.

I am happy that I got friends who will share my happiness should God bless us with another child. ;)

Actually, the delay is our pay. I am somehow disappointed because I know and understand that we have obligations to pay. I tried my best to get the necessary funds to pay for my colleagues. I chase people everyday and I am not successful.

This is actually one greatest realization I had in my 29 years of existence. I may have tried my best with something I want to happen, yet I lost. Life has to move on. This delay does not happen just on my pay. There are so many things I wanted for my many dreams. Yet, even I fought for quite sometime, in the end. I still did not succeed. I just believe that God's delays has a reason or He may not give it at all. (wag lang po yun sahod Lord. hehe)

In the end, whatever delays we have in our lives, we will be able to accept them if we believe and trust in His plan.

Thank you Dear God, for letting me experience some delays in my life.

(the most amazing delay i have in my kulas)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 1: A Happy Me

My first day to my Happy @ 30. :)

So many things to be thankful and that is all lifted up to the one who has approved my existence on earth.

Dear Lord,
Everything I have now, I bring back the praises to you. Thank you for letting me experience different challenges together with all the emotions. I have been so unworthy to be yours, yet you continue to bless my life.
So, I am starting my journey to three zero with gratefulness. Amen.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Post in 2012

I am back. After so long, I am now reviving my blog. I have found my little corner once again. And now that I am ready to share my thoughts, my feelings and my experiences. May God blessed whatever thoughts I want to let the world to know about my life. tama na ang ingles, ito na ulit si Bakekang. :)

Isang taon ang nakakaraan, dumating sa buhay ko ang isang pagsubok para malaman kung gaano katatag ang relasyon namin ni Popoy. Hindi ko man gusto mangyari ang lahat. Pero marami akong natutunan sa pangyayaring iyon. At gaya lang din ng lahat ng problema or pagsubok na naharap ko. Lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili kong. LILIPAS din ito.

Isang taon, marami na din ang nangyari. Ang buong 2011 ay isang simula ng aming pangarap. Salamat na lang kay Lord at binigyan niya ako ng isang butihing kabiyak para sumuporta sa kung ano man ang nais ko para sa aming pamilya. Salamat kay Lord, dahil binigyan niya kami ng mga pagsubok para patunayan na loyal pa din kami sa kanya. Yey. Promise yan Lord, I shall stick with you no matter what. Please let me to the way you want our lives to be..and we shall follow. :)

Ang simula ng 2011 ay hindi naging maganda ngunit dahil sa tiwala sa Iyo, natapos ito ng may saya sa aking puso. Hehe.

Nasaktan. Nagalit. Nagbago.

Nagsimula. Nagpatawad. Nagpaubaya.

Isa sa pinakamagandang Leksyon ko sa 2011 is the "Art of letting Go".
...letting go of a bad feeling..makes space for a new good feeling..
...letting go of a chased you more chances to dream for another things..
...letting go of some people in your life..opens you to new frutful relationships..

Salamat sa isang taon na naranasan ko dahil alam kong hinihubog nito ang pagkatao ko. Hindi ko man mabago ang mga nakasanayan ko na. Salamat po Lord, dahil binigyan mo ako at patuloy na inilalapit sa mga taong makakaunawa ng tunay na ako.

Salamat at ngayon, handa na ako. :D
Balik na ulit si Bakekang sa kanyang paglalakbay. :)
Masayang pagbabasa sa inyong lahat.