Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Updates to the Land Down Under

It has been more than 2 months that I had tendered my resignation (but glad about it!) but there is no sign of the visa coming anytime. Good Thing that cyber is here and I am able to fill in my free (super mega over free!) time. Hahaha..the wait has been the very draining moment of every visa applicant as they may say. But I choose not to fall for that. But for more than 2 months of being a bum? Naku..talaga palang nakakadrain ang pag-iintay. Yun nga at mahigit isang buwan na din yun "wishing you all the best" ng aking mga amigo at amiga! hehe..I have no choice but to wait.

So for all those pipol who are much excited with me going abroad..naku, mahaba habang kwentuhan pa yata ito..pero I am not losing the hope that October will be my month! Woohoo!

Come in October blessings!

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Ruy said...

Stay optimistic! Good luck!