Monday, September 1, 2008

Dadut's 56th Birthday

Yep. My Daddy is now 30 years older than me. Yay! Daduts..our term of endearment for


I know (and feel) that at this point in time, that he is alone (that is without a partner, my nanay). He really have that certain feeling of being alone and lonely. Not that we aren't there to be with him but he feels that at a point in time. We will leave him.

After having this thought. I felt. That somehow, that dream of mine (and his!) working down under is really not meant to happen for now. Because there is a need for me to be with Daddy. My dad is a person who refuses to be termed emotional. But he is. When my younger sister Joy called him, he said unknowingly (because he is already drunk..hehe!) "Kapag kinasal ka..dito ka sa akin titira ha. Kasi kapag umalis na ang mga ate mo (ako yun) wala na akong kasama." And that is the reason, even he yells me at times, hehe..and super toyo to the max, I cannot leave him. Because I really do not want him to feel that he is left out.

Thank God for Gab, he is now the one of the source of his hapiness.

And amidst all the palo, sermon, at strictness to the max..I am thankful for having him as MY Father. We will not be able to reach this status without his disciplined way of raising his kids. I know that we never vocally say that we love each other. Daddy, you know that I am proud of you and how you were able to conquer loneliness. Nanay must be so happy seeing you smile like this...ahehehe.

Happy Birthday Daduts!

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