Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Been on hiatus for so looooooooong

I really am not that inspired to post anything as i felt that i am still a prisoner of my own incorrect decision for being so impulsive. I was not able to consider the consequences of it..but as they say..EXPERIENCE is the best teacher..

But I am so looking for that day that I can be free..from mental/emotional stress that my work has caused me for more than six month now..I still could not imagine I was able to surpass this trial.. :)

I am happy, definitely, my wish is granted. I am here is SG together with my baby and hubby. But of course, life is not just chocolates and cakes..bitter things can happen..

And it made me a better person.. a better woman.. and i am ready to the next battle..woohoo..

Now I feel sooooo good..j

Thank God I know that I am such a good girl..ahaha.. :)

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