Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the person i always dreamed of loving...

popoy and me , in love na naman si bakekang.

"I guess you could say that in some ways, I've loved you. that doesn't sound right, I know, because I haven't always known you, but I've always known certain qualities that were important to me, and in my mind and heart, i've always carried an image, a fantasy, a wish, I guess, of a wonderful person I could love totally. You've given me what I've always wished for: fun & laughter, concern & understanding, a friend to depend on, a lover to cherish, a partner in everything i do..."

Thinking about you...
how you make me feel,
how i feel about you
and all that you are...
I realize that all my life,
I've always loved you in my dreams.
Now that you've come out of my dreams
and into my life,
I can tell you
that I've always loved you...
and that I always will.

by: Garry LaFollette

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