Monday, April 4, 2005

15th monthsary..

Wow..1 year and 3 months na kami ni gary..hmmm..quite impressing compare to d first we talked about our last fight na as in walang hindi na nmin matandaan kelan iyon..maybe it is a continued effort to save the relationship which had been fought by him for so long and at the end he won my doubtful heart. He had proven his worth and still pile up a lot of reasons for me to continue loving this super humble person. Although we barely see each other especially ngayon na sa cavite na siya nagtatrabaho..but still the longing to see each other every weekend is a wonderful feeling..medyo kakabad trip minsan esp wen you nid some1 to talk to in times na sobrang down ka na..syempre always think positive. It helps me to become stronger and independent. Although at times prang windang na ang isip ko na feeling ko ako si darna at makakapunta agad sa tabi. Well, enough of that. Basta Im happyÉnope happier that slowly we were able to go through all the problems together..we may not be there physically but the thought that some1 is thinking and praying for your safety is a great satisfaction of this feeling called love.

May sakit ako ngayon but as Ive said nawawala iyon wen I think of my popoyÉand the rest my super duper mega over friends.

Thank God for this DayÉ

HAppy Monthsary Popoy!!!!

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