Friday, April 1, 2005

glowing and growing...

accenture_GLOW, sa pagtitiyaga ni bakekang.

hay..after the three months of intensive i am starting in this unknown career track..hahaha..hmmmm..medyo di pa rin sure bout the path as a claim processor but about the company..and the isa sa dahilan kung bakit mahirap maghanap ng new work..siguro dahil you have established a good team with the rest of the star pipol..hehehe..
and got to think about april 1 is fools day..hehehe..basta alam ko di ito lokohan..i have decided to work for accenture..don't know why..i love to work here.
Salamat kay Rachelle...Yehey!!!
Masaya si Marie..dahil tinatawagan ni miss linnie..
God Bless Us!

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