Saturday, July 2, 2005


June had passed and we are half done with the year yet i haven't started my plan for the big challenge to happen mid of next year. i have mixed emotions with it coz im not yet prepared emotionally and financially..nope it's definitely not marriage..but i consider it one of the importantevents that will ever happen to me.

I've been planning for it long before i had my first try..and as i assess the results, i'm determined enough to pursue the second and last attack for that super difficult qualifying board exam for me to grab the license i consider a necessity to enter the much bigger scene of corporate world. Although, i don't have much plan of staying long as an employee, still it is one of my plans to succeed and be able to use the knowledge i've learned from the course i had fought so long, from taking the entrance exams to the qualifying assessments until to the battle of maintaining the grades i need to qualify for the next sem's student assistants' scholarship program until i failed during my third year of being in the class of the so-called elite group of accountancy (humility aside..hahaha!). After that i've been an "automatic scholar" of the professor who failed me, i guess it's time for me to thank him through my blog..he told me not to make this public, but a generous act like that is not worth the silence..i guess he'd been appointed now as one of the provincial judge in laguna..hmmmm..i may not be that updated, but he really helped me a lot and the gratitude will be kept in my heart til my life ends..naks!!! this cute (as in cute!!) and married man, member of the judiciary in our country, (hay....) is none other than Judge Rommell Baybay. He may not be popular as Mrs. Arroyo but definitely i know he's one of the few remaining political man who has good heart..enough of the reminiscing..i rarely talk bout my work in accenture, and i wonder why, i believe that i am able to adjust to the environment i had here and besides my current work is the third one. I had settled in well here..focused on at the least finishing the one-year contract..but that won't mean i had my final word with that, i keep my future plans as flexible as i cud..

I've been down most of the time this week, the reason, the emotional conflicts i've been battling and been going through and through and when i thought that i had gotten over with it, when the moment comes to the scene once again, i will be once again shattered with the unnecessary thoughts..but i trust HIM more than anything, with him i an strong..Thank God for the long weekend vacation!!!!

Belated happy bday to Kat-kat (musta na ang hk?) at kay ever-kulit na Prior Patrick!!!

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