Sunday, February 11, 2007

Starting the Heart's Month

February is a heart's month and GE started it right (on my own point of view) by sponsoring this cinema the invitation goes...

Our Cinema Night featuring...

Working in GE has made me feel more blessed. Why is it so? Because I was able to watch this movie. As I may say, I am not that fanatic with watching movies in the cinemas (the big screen!). I would prefer it on TV. Why? Because the Ilocano in me. Haha! I don't know but I'd rather watch it on TV.

Together with my only one, Gary, we watched the movie! With free food! Pica pica!
Let us to go to my personal review of "The Holiday". Amanda and Iris, two ladies, two heartbroken ladies switched houses because of frustration with their men. Amanda, for having an unfaithful bf and Iris, chasing a guy for 3 long years without any assurance of being loved back. They switched houses and found their true love. Haha..What a review? Did I make you feel that you wanna watch the movie? Non sense.
What I really wanna say is that being blessed doesn't mean you will go through happy times always. After a heart breaks or any bad situations, one thing is for sure to happen, that won't stay, not unless, you did want it to stagnate into your heart and mind and eat the whole you. These people made a decision to move on..even for a short period and thereafter found something totally different, something that they thought will not happen, it may, but only in dreams. It moved me. Really. For something that I have in my mind. It makes me more ambitious of what life could be for me, gary and the people around me. That life is just one holiday to pass. and just like a holiday, it is so precious to us working people, we need to cherish every moment of this. Every moment that life has to offer us. It passes. Just do not miss the opportunity to grab the momentous experience of different emotions and situations.
Watch the movie, for lots of laugh and a wonderful lesson to keep!!!!
~~~> Side dish =) Wednesday of this week (7th), we had our compliance and integrity conference at the Heritage Hotel in Roxas Blvd. It seems that GE really give me more inspiration to dream BIG!!!! Post some pics later..
Have I been going to far..Maybe need to sleep. For tomorrow is another working day for us. =)

Have a happy hearts week!!!

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