Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello Santa

Dear Santa God,

Christmas is in the air nowadays, and I really wanna tell yah something..

I know that amidst what happened during the past years, I always believed that I had been a good girl (hehe..) because you have given me the best gift I ever wished/wanted for...

Gabriel has always been good to me, even before he is in my tummy..and now that almost eight months passed, he never been a headache to naynay. I know though I had my share of sleepless nights, I always will look it up as another phase where I became another person to another being. My experience as a mom has been overwhelming but I surpassed it all. I know, it is not because I am strong, but you are. I believe that more challenging phases will come next year and future years, but I believe I will get through it, WE will get through it. Thanks for being my companion through the years.

With regards to your "old" gift, Gary, he remains to be my very special friend, the best boyfriend (I only had him naman..nyehehe), the best husband and the best father to my little Gabriel. I know that you share this man to me because I lack sense of humor which he has a lot. I have more of it now! Ahaha. I am so grateful for the rest of my life for accepting him as your gift to me.

Thank you for these two human being that kept me insane ever since they became part of my life..and I am loving it! I wish I can be the best WIFE (Gary) and MOM (Gabriel) to them.

P.S. I am always trying my best to be a Good Girl..hihi..for more gifts in the future!!!

Your Trying Hard Good Girl,


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