Friday, September 23, 2005


friendships, originally uploaded by bakekang.

minsan lang akong magsenti, i just wanna thank you for giving me one of the best friendships i had. di lang talaga ako marunong magsabi, but deep in my heart, no matter what happen i will feel blessed always just thinking of these women i consider my friends..and the moment we had, the never ending wentuhan from the office-related topics, to anything goes, yung tambay sa gale, usap ng walang humpay, i'll cherish those for the rest of my life. And if time na may little ones na ako, sana makatagpo din sila ng mga friends na tulad ninyo.

Thank you for being with me inspite of me being mataray slash masungit...listening to my opinions & my never ending observations, you just don't know how much you had contributed me in my growth as a TRUE person..with the truest friends..and that all of you, Nicole, Fe, Monina, Marie, Gie & Rachelle. Love you ALL!

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