Tuesday, March 20, 2007


During the past days, I have been very busy..with the stress on "very". Hahaha..I did not imagin myself going through that level that almost every week I shall take some time of my sleep just to make some money! Hahaha.

Actually, I am feeling so restless during these week. I have some deadlines and that what everybody felt very stressful about. I sometimes would like to shift some other line. To find something that matches my desire, not just to earn some degrees or be identified in the company but more on the desired fulfillment and happiness. It is not a question that I do not love accounting. But it definitely irritates me that I cannot do anything more that working almost 7 days a week and more that 12 hours a day. Although I suppose that more people experience this kind of stress and even worse. I still want something that fulfills my desire to increase knowledge and experience not just in the corporate world but as well in the world around me.

I just have some thoughts about politics, media, our poor people, the wonderful destinations in the philippines, the longing for travel around the world. The break I want to enter into tv hosting..wahahaha..dream on! I really want to be a news anchor or something in similar. I also want to have my band, wherein I will be the back-up vocals, for I really want to be one..hahaha..afraid of the limelight.

There were definitely things that we want to do..the only problem is how can we squeeze this in our very very tight schedule.

Just sentiments at work..happy reading!!!


Popoy has already bought his new ASUS Dualcore Laptop last sunday!!!!

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