Tuesday, March 6, 2007

~ Shifting Emotions ~

It is this time that I felt like I am again nowhere to go. Something is missing. Which I cannot find the answer. I still cannot give anything worthy of thinking on where or how shall I start another day. Inspiration is what I am seeking. But as constantly I look for it, tried to feel it, it does not shows up.

Maybe for some other time..I need to wait..til I wait no more..

I am battling once again with this kind of emotion. I felt like I need to go somewhere. I need to leave or move on. Is it that I need to go back through? Or have I leave something behind? Hay..I felt like I have no one would be available to share the burden. No talks or just chats to lessen some heavy weights I have right now.

Maybe I need to plan to go abraod right now. The one I set aside for a while because I thought that I will stay with my company for a longer time. Now, my veins would react negatively once I set my feet here in the comp vicinity. I believe I need to build another big plans again. Write my dreams and continously update my status. Hope I would not miss any important details for this. =)

Dyaran! I am somehow relieved from this everyday stress and anxiety. Good thing, writing eases some of the tensions brought by the work environ here. =)

And also, it is HIM that reminds me to slow down, think/reflect and move on!

And so the Solar Conquest shall begin!!! (hahaha..a Princess Hours fanatic!!!)

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