Friday, May 11, 2007

Together we STAND, Divided we FALL...

There are people's actions that easily annoys me and heats my head up to that certain degree that I really want to shout and get into action myself. Good thing that I was able to control a bit of my temper and did not create any scene. I believe that everyone will agree that unity starts with each team member. It's really frustrating to know that a member of our team in my company, claimed that he did not tell an important fact to me when he has the responsibility to do so. Just because before, he was not also informed of the previous changes. Duh?!? Is that professionalism or self-centeredness. I cannot see any justifiable reason in that! What comes into my mind is the Golden Rule. fits the situation right?

I have observed this employee before but try to ignore the manner that he does his job and the relationship he creates with each team member. Even though, he comes from a pretigious school, which I myself do not agree with that, and he makes us feel that it gives him more luxury to joke into other "not famous" school. He continously compete with everyone. As everyone do not agree to this kind of environment and they are always complaining that this certain person really do not give any effort to help other team member. Oh, he does but obviously together with another favor. I pity him cause he do not create team unity and inclusiveness, because in the end he will suffer with regards to his actions. I really miss my former team. They have taught me that working is not just being paid and getting promoted. It is enjoying the job you choose and having a harmonious environment with the people around you. Many highly paid managers do not have this kind of enthusiam with work because they fail to consider what matters most. One of the (very)precious and non-monetary benefits I had given up when I choose to chase my dream and eventually leave the people(and job) I enjoyed being(having) the most. Hay..

This hates me. It do frustrates me. Why? Because I continously struggle within the company from Day One and still hearing the non-stop negative feedbacks from other employees regarding this person. I am holding on and still dreaming that I myself can give a little share to ease the burden that we experience, day in and day out of this humble office.

This suppose should not happen but it does. Someone has to put a stop to this. My decision? I shall make the necessary corrective action for this. Haha! Wait till Nina makes the move.. =P

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