Monday, June 4, 2007

Siblings Love Quests

Gulong gulo ang utak ko regarding my siblings right now..hay, although I am proud of them as they are doing well now and somehow settled abroad, their challenges of the heart still occupy my thoughts every night!!!! (Hehehe..imbis na si Popoy ang mapagpantasyahan ko tuloy...)
Honestly, I really am not mad at them, in fact, I understand their situation. But the thing is, it hurts my dadut's pride and their relationship because of the unresolved situations.
Sibling Love Problem#1
My sister Jill at age 22, fall in love with a man also at her age, and they are going steady for more than a year now, counting few more months to celebrate their 2nd year. To note, the guy has never dropped by our house to be formally introduced by my sister as her boyfriend. My sis told me that he might be too shy or afraid of my dad, knowing how strict my daduts is. So, since my dad still insists for him to come by, he never appeared for the months that has passed. Ang kulit di ba? As for myself, I have texted him so that we, together with my dear Popoy, who is somehow has the advantage of even sleeping over our house, be able to help them for my Dad's simple request. I am afraid that after the long wait, my dad would not accept the man, and that time has come. Now, my dad is close to that possibility being in good terms with my sister's bf. I really do not know what to do since my sister has gone "abroad" believing that she could settle this outside our dear home. Would you advise me on this?
Sibling Love Problem#2
Kuyakoy's case is a bit complicated and sensitive since he has gone to Dubai, also for Love Quest, I would not further relay to you the whole story. Although, I know his intentions, I am a bit worried about him going there, with the hope that he could have some shares of his happy-ending love story I am just praying for him, since I was able to know the girl through chatting and felt that she is a good person. Hopefully, they end up as a happy couple.
Sibling Love Problem#3
The last one was with my sister Joy, in Singapore. Her BF, will follow her on the 10th of the month. But my dad is against that idea since they will be together in one house. And my dadut's instinct was not good about him. Feeling kasi niya di ok si bf, ako eto. ipit na ipit na sa kanilang mga problema since Chard will have to visit us before going to Singapore. But that is Love, I do not want to stop them because of my Daduts feelings, niether I do not want to hurt dady's pride since for him, my sister chose her bf over him. Kaya ngaun, I am a bit careful with my actions, whenever gary, dady and john are together, medyo seloso si tatay now that he felt so alone, with nanay not around anymore..=(
Ano ba naman nga ang magagawa ko? Matitiis ko ba naman sila? E di syempre dapat ko silang tulungan di ba? Hay..ang ate talaga..buti na lang at okay kami ni honey patuloy na iniintay ang tamang pagkakataon para sa aming dalawa. =)
By the way, hi-way, Hapi 41st monthsary to my dearest Gary...i am glad that you are beside me always and helping me all the way to solve their love challenges..
How about you? Do you have any situation wherein you felt somehow challenged but not with your own problem? But you are know that you are responsible in taking over the situation? Hay..
~ Sometimes we need to be weak in order to be strong. ~

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