Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy, Sad, Whatever...

Ni revise ko lang yun homily ni Father sa Mass nina John last Wednesday. I am just having mixed emotions today.


Coz today, another friend of mine will say "I do" to her boyfriend of more than 10 years. Whew! Bigatin di ba?


I am attending the said event without Popoy.


The reason why he cannot accompany me for the said "once in a lifetime event" of our dear friend is that he received "Silver Award" for a report he submitted to their mother company in Japan. Yehey! This will be held at Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. Tama ba ang spelling ko ng hotel na un?


I have been asking him ever since we have known the exact date of the wedding and promised me that he will be there. And that only yesterday. He confirmed that he will not be able to attend.

I am hurted. For a fact that when his boss, asked him to choose between being with me to go to the wedding and attending the said award's night. HE CHOOSES TO ATTEND THE AWARD'S NIGHT. He kept on saying "Sorry". Ala daw siyang magagawa. I cannot determine if I am just being childish and stubborn. Insisting to myself that I should be the one to be chosen. I do not want to limit his decision but in my heart, I still feel the need to be taken cared of..especially that I am on my 37th week. Whew! Call me inconsiderate, but this did not happen only once. It happened many times. Choosing between staying with workmates or fetching/accompanying me. Hay...I had no doubt if He really loves me or not. But It is that kind of importance I need to feel.

But then again, for the benefit of my BABY NHOJ, who is bound to fill my lonely day with laughters and is cheering me up by making some groovy moves inside my big tummy. I shall post this pic of mine as I celebrate my 26th year here on earth. Yipee!

Maybe. Just Maybe. Tomorrow will be a "Happy Mode" day since there will be a double celebration as I bid bye bye to my wonderful 25th year and Little Johnny as he graduates Grades School and enters High School.

But whatever happens, it is still us that decides on how we shall deal with negative emotions, and that is turning this bad chi into a good one.

That is Power Thinking! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Samu't Saring Kwento

Hay..I am in the office right now..eto at emote mode ako ngayon. in days..I will be adding another year in my age..hmmm..isang taon na naman ang lumipas and it have been a very wonderful silver year of my life.

Ang daming nangyari sa nagdaang taon..di ko akalain na ganon kabilis ang mga pangyayari at eto..isa na akong expectant mom at the age of 25. Not too young nor too old to start my new career in motherhood. I must admit that before, upon knowing of the existence of this little angel of mine, medyo hesitant ako if I am really am able to be a good mom to my child and my future children. Dun din ako nakaisip if I am ready to be Popoy's wife na tlaga. Pero all in all, masaya ako ngayon to whatever state I am now. Maraming advantages akong nararanasan to be called MRS. GARY CACANANTA. Sa dami nun, this post might be a boring one to enumerate. Siguro kapag nagkaroon na ulit ako ng inspirasyon to list all of it. Pero I know that I am truly blessed being given this great gifts: My Hubby and My Baby.

Sa nagdaang taon, I was able to prove that I am capable of working ang competing abroad. Yun nga lang..maybe God wants me to be in another situation. Maybe not now that I am having another responsibility to my baby and honey. Having this, mas nakafocus ako to the years ahead. Not like when I am still single, kesehodang alang ipon, basta magpakasaya. Tsaka ngayon, “we” are planning definite plans. Di na un tipong “bahala na si batman”. Madami na kaming inaayos. Madami na din pangarap na in my humble opinion, we have accomplished early. At this age namin ni Popoy, although, madami pa kaming lalakbayin, masaya kasi nakapagsimula na kami. Baby steps as it may seems, I am cherishing those steps, steps that are very crucial to a new marriage. And I believe that we are tracking the right path. Eto na nga at nagwento na ako.

Sige na nga.

Being a wife of Popoy, it was really a blessing. Sobra. It is not that I usually win over whatever whims I have at the moment. Pero most of the time, I win it! Nyehehe! I am being pampered so much that I may miss this when baby nhoj comes. Nagselos na agad? Ahaha.. Alam naman ng lahat, how kind my hubby is. How he values family over other things. And although, we are not yet blessed sa church kasi we had our civil wedding only, I am happy na we are able to go to church regularly. We are starting it right..I know and I believe. It was HIS plan to place me/us in this situation. One of the things I wished for and was granted!!! Yehey! I know I am not that good (super mabait) to deserve such blessings! But ganon talaga..paborito ako ni Lord eh!

And being a paborito, syempre, di maiiwasan ang sandamakmak na pagsubok. It is during this time, na ang dami kong naiisip. Dami kong gustong gawin. Pero everything should be well planned na..kasi we have another human being to consider. And that is our little baby. I am feeling more mature on my decisions and actions. I think over things many times before I decide to dig into it. As in. Sobrang negosyante na ang lola mo, kasi di ko basta isasabak ang lahat para sa isang maling desisyon pa. Pero I know in time, I will commit many. Then Learn from it. It was that naman di ba?

And this journey shall continue..Bakekang will still be on the go!!!! Woohoo!

At yan na nga..bumibilang na tayo..

I am on my 33rd week of pregnancy. It is fun being in this kind of condition kasi everyone calls you “buntis”. Most of the people you see around are nice to you. There is a special attention being given to you especially at this stage na obvious na ang aking tiyan. Little Nhoj (ang tawag ko sa kanya up until he comes into this world) is getting bigger na din. He occupies most of the space in my tummy. Pero kahit ano pa man..lamon pa din. Hehe. But I am not a “Pasawife”naman. I regularly drink my vitamins and kahit papaano eh iwas din sa bawal.

Naku, mahaba na itong kwento ko. Bak to work na ulit ako.

Until next time! Tata!