Friday, October 26, 2007

Blame it on Us

And what we did was wrong...

So blame it all on us...

We will accept it wholeheartedly...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

13th month: a PAY not a bonus!

hehe..upon browsing the net..i came to read a conversation regarding the 13th month being considered by many filipinos as lang..ako din kasi ganon ang pananaw sa 13th month.

Lemme share this with you..

"Thursday, January 11th, 2007 in For Sharing

Why there is a 13-month bonus when it is really isn’t a bonus?

The mystery is finally revealed! When the British were in Singapore, they were being paid weekly & they argued that Singaporeans were actually being cheated into believing that the 13th month pay is a bonus. Singaporeans are being paid monthly which is equivalent to 4 weeks pay coz there are 4 weeks in a month.

As the British were paid weekly, it worked out to the same. You see, there are 7 days in a week. 4 weeks in a month. 12 months in a year. Then 12 months should work out to 48 weeks only. But 1 year actually has 52 weeks!!! Hence the 13th month is your own pay not bonus??!!). So, the British argued that there is in fact no bonus at all??? It is a very simple calculation that stunned many!!!!"

Ilan taon na din akong nedenggoy nun ah..wahaha..buti na lang di na ako nag work at di na din aasa sa 13th month sa mga nagiintay ng 13th month pay nila..good luck!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Nalulungkot ako...

Hating gabi na..di pa din ako makatulog...

Nakakalungkot kasi..

Di ko masabi..

Di ko makaya..

Hanggang kelan? Hay..

Sana bukas pag gising ko..kayanin ko na..

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Monina!

weeeeeeeh! o di ba tumanda ka na naman ng isang taon..salamat sa walang sawang suporta!

This woman has been the one of the strongest person I met! (Libre naman dyan!)
Wishing you all the best life can offer! Labs yun fwend!

Updates to the Land Down Under

It has been more than 2 months that I had tendered my resignation (but glad about it!) but there is no sign of the visa coming anytime. Good Thing that cyber is here and I am able to fill in my free (super mega over free!) time. Hahaha..the wait has been the very draining moment of every visa applicant as they may say. But I choose not to fall for that. But for more than 2 months of being a bum? Naku..talaga palang nakakadrain ang pag-iintay. Yun nga at mahigit isang buwan na din yun "wishing you all the best" ng aking mga amigo at amiga! hehe..I have no choice but to wait.

So for all those pipol who are much excited with me going abroad..naku, mahaba habang kwentuhan pa yata ito..pero I am not losing the hope that October will be my month! Woohoo!

Come in October blessings!

Happy on Mistakes

We all make mistakes..


Most of the Times?!?

Yah, I have been absent in cyber writing because i felt empty. I am so lost for words that I cannot describe the feeling that I am experiencing right now. We all plan for good things for our future.

All the positive ones.

That is the sad fact about it.

That when bad (or not so bad) things happen, we are left in the middle of nowhere. Parang binagsakan ka ng isang truck ng yelo at pinatay lahat ng cells mo para wala kang maramdaman na kahit ano.

This is what I felt when a not so good thing happens.

But as 25-year old girl (or lady), I should know the consequences of my mistakes. Di na pde pang baguhin ang lahat kasi nga nagawa na. And as I am going to this tough stage in my life where I am bound to experience the next level. I am able to think of the brighter side of every mistake. During my college days, na super dami ng mali kong ginawa. I know that each and every event that happened are connected to our future and it has its reasons. Carefully molding our individual personality. I believe that I am a strong person because of that. And continously, religiously believed that I am. That is something I can boast about. But God will always put your faith on fire. He makes kulit often. Pero syempre, Koino ako (clap for being one!) I can stand through it. Nakakakita pa rin ako ng liwanag sa kabila ng bawat ulan, kulog at kidlat na dumating. Milenyo man maituring ang isang problema. Magagawan pa yan ng paraan.

And as I am about to go through that next journey, wow! I cannot believe that I am. Smile on my face. It is indeed a great blessing that I am still here standing amidst this problem (now, I consider this as small one) and holding the hand of the God-given-but-not-prayed-for (wahaha!) person that is Popoy (a.k.a. Gary Guiang Cacananta)

Tonight, he will make the most terrifying, nerve-wracking, super-trilling thing of his entire life (haha! hope he feels the last one there). So I am asking for all of your prayers for him to have the guts he never had for the nth attempts in the past weeks.

I am excited and nervous at the same time!

Prayerful Nina on a Tuesday Afternoon..Saint Anthony pray for us!